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Friday, April 2, 2010

Answer first, Anwar tells Najib, UMNO


KUALA LUMPUR, April 1: Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, reacting to the decision to refer him to the parliament's Rights and Privileges Committee, said there had been no explanations forthcoming over his revelation of the government's appointment of Apco Worldwide, a consultancy firm with close Zionist-Israeli links.
"(Prime minister) Najib (Razak) or UMNO should explain who Apco is. What is the nature of Apco's relationship with Israel? Has he answered?" he told reporters at the parliament.
Anwar said it was not right for BN to refer him to the committee when it had yet to provide an explanation to the issues he raised.
"Why continue attacking me?" he asked.
Anwar also questioned why the government has been very defensive over Apco's involvement in the 1-Malaysia campaign.
"Ini aneh dong (this is strange)," he added in his trademark Indonesian slang.
Earlier, minister in the prime minister's department Nazri Aziz told reporters that Anwar would be referred to the Rights and Privileges Committee for making "baseless" allegations linking Najib's 1-Malaysia slogan to former Israeli leader's "One Israel" concept.
"Having studied his speech, I find that he has not furnished any concrete evidence to back his statement that 1Malaysia was copied from One Israel," he said, adding that action will be taken within the next 10 days.
The move, which means Anwar faces a possible suspension, follows the Permatang Pauh MP's revelation in parliament on March 17 that the government's 1-Malaysia slogan was inspired by a similar slogan called One-Israel not long ago.
Backing this on Tuesday, he produced two agreements - signed by the Malaysian and Israeli governments respectively with Apco - to show the similarity of Apco's consultancy works for both clients. Anwar also said Apco's clientele in the past has included among others many well-known dictators.


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