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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Freedom Flotilla - Memorandum for the Turkish Embassy

2 June 2010
Your Excellency Madam Serapataay,

We represent a delegation of concerned Malaysian Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) whose members are onboard the ill-fated “MV Mavi Marmara” which was seized by the Israeli navy in international waters on May 31st, 2010.
A total of 12 of our members, including two TV journalists, were onboard this vessel which was en-route to the port of Gaza, part of a flotilla of ships laden with humanitarian cargoes meant for the impoverished, sickened and malnourished people of the tiny enclave they have been calling their home for generations.
We have been instrumental in picking up the tempo for this humanitarian flotilla from your own Insani Yardim Vakfi (IHH) of Turkey and we maintain a warm relationship with IHH as well as any other organisations for that matter that work towards breaking the siege over Palestine.
Our delegation before you today of the Crisis Management Team for Lifeline For Gaza in Malaysia consists of leaders of various NGOs that have united for the cause of Palestine and determined to breaking the embargo against the people of Gaza.
We are now before you, Your Excellency, to deliver these messages to your goodself, the Government of Turkey, and the people of Turkey :
  • That we are totally aghasted and saddened by the inhumane nature by which Israel attacked an unarmed humanitarian ship destined to deliver non-military goods to Gaza
  • That the attack of piracy in the high seas of international waters was a breach of clear conventions stipulated by the United Nations and that of international maritime laws that guarantee the safe and unhindered passage of such vessels
  • That we are equally acrimonious and outraged towards Israel for its use of aggression and live munitions against non-combatants who would naturally react if attacked or roughened up
That we are appalled by the manner the international media, especially television 24-hours a day, is made to spin this ghastly episode into one of Israel’s right to act as it did and to count the dead and injured as necessary collaterals
  • That we as concerned Malaysian NGOs stand united behind the stance of the Turkish Government in defense of the freedom flotilla that has now been forced at gunpoint to the Israel port of Ashdod
  • That Israel has blatantly disregarded our calls for more information over the safety and status of our fellow colleagues that they now held illegally
  • That we greatly seek your government’s assistance, with your existing bilateral diplomatic ties with Israel to, firstly, help to ensure the safety of our Malaysian volunteers that have been arrested by Israel, and secondly, in facilitating the speedy release and return of these volunteers back to our country.
Madam Ambassador,
We have strong faith that our collaboration with IHH, in consonance with the spirit of your government itself, lends credence to this noble cause of assisting a besieged citizen called Gaza. That we, as democratic states Turkey and Malaysia, both hold in high regards mutual respect of rights of humanity for freely elected governments and people to live and determine their own fates in their own homeland. We share this view even as our brothers and sisters in Gaza live under the constant threat of murder coming from military aircraft, helicopters, drones and warships that fire at the least of pretensions of provocation.
Your Excellency, may we hereby kindly provide you with a list of our volunteers, now under the turrets of Israeli machine guns, so that your government will be able to expeditiously extract them from Israel and return them to the Malaysian Embassy in Turkey. They are;
  1. Mr. Noorazman Mohd Samsuddin (Group leader) HALUAN (GRADUATE CHAMBER OF EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTES)
  2. Dr. Mohd Arbaai Shawal, (HALUAN)
  3. Dr. Syed Muhamad Haleem Syed Hassan (HALUAN/PPIM)
  4. Dr. Ir. Selamat Aliman (JIM)
  5. Mr. Jamuliddin Elias (Yayasan Amal)
  6. Mr. Al Hami Husain Suhaimi (HALUAN/PENANG NGO’S)
  7. Mr. Mohd Nizam Mohamad Awang (HALUAN)
  8. Mr. Abd Halim Mohamed Ridzuan (MUSLIMCARE)
  9. Mr. Hasanuddin Mohd Yunus (ASQA AS SYARIF)
  10. Mr. Mustafa Mansur (MAPIM)
  11. Mr. Ashwad Ismail (media Astro Awani)
  12. Mr. ShamsulKamal Abdul Latif (media Astro Awani)
We have no doubts whatsoever that your good office will enable the safe passage of these humanitarian volunteers from Malaysia either back to Turkey or any other friendly nations that will be willing to take them in for the interim.
On behalf of all Malaysians, especially those who have strongly supported this LL4G mission for the past year, we would like to put on record our utmost gratitude of thanks from the bottom of our hearts.
Thank you, Your Excellency
For and on behalf of:
Crisis Management Centre (CMT)
Lifeline For Gaza
LifeLine4Gaza (MALAYSIA)
  • JIM
  • PACE
  • ABIM


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