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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cop throws uniform into dustbin after quitting - theStar

Wednesday June 2, 2010


A policewoman literally threw her uniform away on the day she resigned from the force, major Chinese dailies highlighted.
Corporal Dai Bao Xiang, 51, tendered her resignation letter to her superiors at the Gombak district police headquarters in Selangor on Monday, citing unhappiness with the hectic workload and little increment.
She threw her uniform into a dustbin and shouted: “I am finally free. I’m not a policewoman anymore!.”
Dai also had a meeting with OCPD Asst Comm Abdul Rahim Abdullah for 15 minutes before leaving the police station.
“This was not a hasty decision. I had given it a serious thought,” she said.
She said she had lost 20kg since she was promoted to corporal and transferred to the Selayang police station as an enquiry section head last year.
Dai said she only received RM50 increment after her promotion, however her other wages of up to RM500 including a motorcycle allowance were discontinued.
“That means my actual income is lower than what I had received before,’’ she told the media.
Dai said among other reasons for her leaving the force was that she witnessed her colleagues suffering permanent injuries or even being killed in the line of duty.
“Our income as police officers doesn’t commensurate with the workload and risks that we face,’’ she said.


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