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Friday, April 16, 2010

Najib Must Not Dance to the US’ Tune on Iran’s Civilian Nuclear Programme.

Never mind the fact that we are now vindicated that our fear of the government rushing the Bill on the Strategic Goods Act, 2010, was in direct connection with the PM’s historic meeting President Obama, arranged by the infamous APCO Worldwide, now known to be paid RM76 million.

 It is now widely reported in the US media that the President amply congratulated Prime Minister Najib for recent action on the Strategic Goods Act, which will strengthen the ability of Malaysian authorities to take action against individuals and entities engaged in such proliferation.
 This has now become a shame, contempt and disrespect for the parliament of Malaysia.
Never mind the obvious omission of  Pakatan’s MPs on board with the PM in his meeting President Obama but instead brought along the two controversial ‘Independent’ MPs for reasons best to him and his government.But if PM Najib were to pursue the formation the Malaysia-United States (Congressional) Caucus in Washington aimed at strengthening the discourse on bilateral and regional issues by engaging Malaysia perspectives on issues of mutual interest, until there could be Pakatan Rakyat parliamentary representation or the caucus he would be launching would merely be a Barisan Nasional-US (Congressional) Caucus.
In the interest of our international reputation as well as the Prime Minister’s good name, Najib should cancel the launching of the unrepresentative Malaysian-US (Congressional) caucus only represented by BN and “independent” MPs from Malaysia on the one side and low-level Congress representatives on the part of the United States.
This would certainly embarrass himself and the nation making him and the country the butt of jokes in the Washington cocktail circuit as aptly described by YB Ipoh Timur, Mr Lim Kit Siang.
But from the perspective of some opposition members of parliament, we register out utmost disgust if Najib’s Administration were to diabolically deviate from the ‘non-alligned’ stance of our friends and comrades in the OIC, ASEAN and the NAM, insofar, as cowing down to the ‘dictates’ of the Obama’s Administration in matters of the right of Iran to pursue their nuclear programme for civilian and energy purposes.
Iran has on numerous occasions declare their pusuit on nuclear programmes limited to civilian purposes and all its nuclear activities are under the watch of the IAEA.
In a recent letter to the international nuclear watchdog, Iran informed the IAEA about the Islamic Republic’s plan to produce 20 percent enriched uranium does not contradict the Nuclear Non- Proliferation Treaty (NPT). It is aimed at the future needs for a Tehran research reactor.
While we are for Najib’s Administration playing a positive role for a non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and the illicit trafficking of the WMD, we must categorically insist that President Obama should be unequivocal and not betray double-standard especially when it comes to the Israelist-Zionist regimme of Israel. We must be consistent that all nuclear countries should disarm as insisted by the Turkish Prime Minister, Tayyib Erdogan ahead of his meeting with the US President. That resolute stance is both exemplary and visionary.
Why is the US not proposing similar sanctions against Israel for actually producing nuclear weapons well beyond the reach of others? And why is the progress of the reduction of the nuclear arsenal held by the US itself dismally slow.
As a sovereign self respecting nation we want our Prime Minister to take a principled stand on the issue of nuclear weapon proliferation.  Already we noted with great anguish and disdain that Petronas has stopped selling gasoline to Iran in anticipation of the US sanction of all oil firms having relation with the Republic of Iran.
The US stance on Iran is hypocritical and one-sided. (And we must remember this is the country that launched an illegal war on Iraq based on total lies regarding weapons of mass destruction!). There is no reason why we have to dance to their unprincipled tune. We call upon all NAM and OIC countries to take a principled stance on the issue. Only then will the excesses of superpowers be curtailed through a truly ‘multi-lateral’ approach.
It is extremely regrettable that in his eagerness to ingratiate himself with President Obama, our Prime Minister endorsed US’ hypocritical and self-serving stance on nuclear weapons.
We want Najib to remind that President Obama should become the real “circuit-breaker”
in not only world violence on weapon of Mass Destruction but as well as all forms of State-Sponsored Terrorism.
Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad                                                             Dr Michael Jayakumar Devaraj
Member of Parliament for Kuala Selangor           Member of Parliament for Sg Siput.

Tian Chua                                                                                     Charles Santiago
Member of Parliament for Batu                                    Member of Parliament for Klang

Parliament of Malaysia, 15 April, 2010.


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