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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Trial of Rosli Dahlan – Day 4

DPP Kevin was not only evasive, he also lied under Oath

by Din Merican

I was in Jalan Duta court this morning to witness the grilling of that cock sure and arrogant MACC DPP Kevin Morais.

Mr. Rosli Dahlan from Lee Hishammuddin Allen & Gledhill

It was spectacle to see how this man wriggle his way out of tight questioning by Encik Rosli’s lead counsel. After seeing him perform on Day 2 and 3 of this trial, I cannot help making some judgment about his character and calibre.

I could not imagine how ambition and a little taste of power can adversely affect a young man’s capacity to use his good sense, and deal with the truth. Remember like all witnesses, this man is under oath to tell the truth, nothing but the whole truth. That oath he took very glibly in order to please his MACC bosses who were out to fix both Datuk Ramli Yusuff and Encik Rosli Dahlan.

Kevin Morais caught lying with his pants down. He broke 3 of the 10 Christian commandments: thou has lied; thou has borne false testimony; thou has enjoyed sodomy! The Christmas break did not make him repentant. For God sake, this is just the start of 2010 and Kevin has already broken his promise to be Mama’s dutiful son.

Under cross examination by Dato Kumaraendran, Kevin was shown lying under oath and had to admit there were several “cover” reports to fix Datuk Ramly Yusuff:

A) Although he relied on Report No. 098/2007 (the First Report) to issue s.32 Notice vs Datuk Ramli, that report was based on another R/No. 075/2007 (the Second Report) ;

B) The Second Report did not mention Datuk Ramli’s name;

C) It in turn relied on another R/No: 072/2007 (the Third Report) which also made no mention Datuk’ Ramli. This report stated that Dato’ Johari Baharom and KDNKA officers received RM4million from Moo Sai Chin to release this criminal from Expulsion Order!;

D) The Third Report relied on a Fourth Report No. 065/2007, which also made no mention Datuk Ramli but referred to again Dato’ Johari Baharom.

In terms of chronology, this corroborates the Statutory Declaration of Aide de camp to IGP who stated that IGP Musa Hassan conspired wih Dato Christopher Wan, then Director CID to fix up Dato Johari by creating a fake blog. MSC would say anything to be released from Explusion Order/Restricted R.esidence. But the point is Datuk Ramli was never implicated in any of these.

After being evasive and DPP Zulqarnain blocking questions from Encik Rosli’s Lead counsel, Dato Kumaraendran, Kevin finally admitted that:

A) His earlier evidence that Moo Sai Chin gave cheque of RM25, 000 per month to Datuk Ramli is untrue;

B) There is no evidence of any cheque of RM25,000 being given to Datuk Ramli;

C) The bank account statement is not Moo Sai Chin’s but that of a company called Shuttle Eight Sdn Bhd. There is no nexus between this company and Moo Sai Chin. Moo Sai Chin is neither a director nor shareholder of that company;

D) There is no amount of RM25,000 in any of the statements of account from 1999-2003.

Despite all these weak evidence, Kevin Morais believed the statement of a criminal Moo Sai Chin without even interviewing Datuk Ramli. Kevin Morais also did not consider it relevant that Datuk Ramli could have been fixed despite knowing that :

A) Musa Hassan became IGP on September 9, 2006;

B) Moo Sai Chin was detained under Explusion Order on October 10, 2006;

C) Moo Sai Chin’s detention converted to Restricted Residence Tampin on December 9, 2006;

D) Moo Sai Chin was released on January 23, 2007;

E) Moo Sai Chin gave a statement about corruption on March 7,2007 yet did not make any report against Datuk Ramli. He reported about Johari Baharom as stated above but not Datuk Ramli.

Yet the New Straits Times and the mainstream media reported that Datuk Ramli was investigated for RM 27 million and that Encik Rosli Dahlan hid that money. The charge finally made against both of them did not mention any of that money. Yet, not one of the MSM reporters turn up today to hear the MACC Deputy Director being exposed as a LIAR. What kind of responsible reporting is this?

By piecing all these jigsaw puzzles, it will eventually be shown that the IGP, MACC and Attorney General fixed up Datuk Ramli and Encik Rosli Dahlan. The trial resumes tomorrow, January 6, 2010.


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