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Saturday, January 2, 2010

PAS, please stay focus

Li Fook Gao@Tohkong Mosjid   

In a far far away land, all sort of fruits clan were living happily in the Fruit Kingdom. Apple Clan was the biggest clan of all in the Fruit Kingdom, hence the King was appointed from the Apple Clan.

Other fruit clans accepted such arrangements without much argument and had resigned to the fact that no one from their clans would have the fate to be the King in Fruit Kingdom.

No other fruits were allowed to join Apple Clan. Regardless whether your ancestors were imported from Indo Kingdom, Sri Langka Kingdom or Arubian Kingdom; your application to join Apple Clan would be approved without much hassle as long as you were born as an apple in Fruit Kingdom.
Although other fruits, too, were born in Fruit Kingdom, Apple Clan regarded them as aliens hence they did not qualify to be treated the same way as Apple Clan members. Only members of Apple Clan were given special privileges in Fruit Kingdom. If you happened to be an apple, but you refused to become a member of Apple Clan, you would not entitle to receive any special treatments and privileges provided.

The rival to the Apple Clan in Fruit Kingdom was the Sweet Clan, which was the 2nd biggest clan in Fruit Kingdom. Sweet Clan accepted membership application from every other fruits as long as their taste was sweet.
Besides that, they believed every fruits should have equal life opportunities to everything in Fruit Kingdom. Those having less nutrition to survive on would be given priorities and privileges to catch up with those fortunate fruits regardless which fruit clans you came from.

With such good policy in hand, why Sweet Clan yet to be able to outlast Apple Clan to the throne for the past 50 years? Just like Apple Clan, Sweet Clan membership, too, was dominated by apples because apples formed the largest fruit population in Fruit Kingdom.

Unfortunately, some apples in the Sweet Clan were brainwashed by Apple Clan to believe in their ideology that being an apple fruit - you had superior power and privileges over the other fruits. Over the years, more and more Sweet Clan’s apples were being brainwashed until Sweet Clan lost its unique identity of putting priorities on “Sweet Fruits”.

In due time, Sweet Clan sounded more and more like Apple Clan without realizing they had indirectly switched their policies from “Sweet Fruits” to “Sweet Apples Only” which caused them to lose Fruit Kingdom’s fruitizens support over the last 50 years.

Recently, massive corruptions and ultra apple-ism practiced by Apple Clan had disgusted the fruitizens to the point of revolting. Because of that, Apple Clan became weak. Realizing this, Sweet Clan finally woke up to take the opportunity to realign their priorities to gain more support. To achieve that, they needed to distinguish themselves again from the Apple Clan.

First, Sweet Clan established a new wing to allow hot, sour, salty and bitter tasting fruits to join as supporters of Sweet Clan. On top of that, leaders in Sweet Clan made a new ruling that all fruit clans had an equal chance to become the King of Fruit Kingdom as long as you were a sweet fruit born in Fruit Kingdom. With these two new policies, they knew they had successfully distinguished themselves from Apple Clan as they knew that in no way Apple Clan would allow that to happen in Fruit Kingdom.

Next, they decided to stop focusing on the “Sweet Apples Only” nonsense slogan. Now, they are pushing hard to turn their newest slogan “Sweet Clan for ALL” into reality and to replace Apple Clan as the biggest clan in Fruit Kingdom. The only question is; will they succeed in the end?

Assuming Apple Clan is UMNO and the Sweet Clan is PAS, I hope I have presented to you, PAS members and leaders who were BTN-ed by UMNO, an easier to understand version to distinguish clearly between PAS and UMNO. I hope this can help you guys to refocus on your ultimate goal to replace UMNO as the biggest party in Malaysia instead of putting hopes to work together with them.

PAS, I believe currently you are on the right track. Now you just need to stay focus. May Allah bless you in your quest.

Wishing you a Happy New Year 2010!


Tohkong Mosjid @ Li Fook Gao.


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