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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pakatan Rakyat has the worst of all bosses

Li Fook Gao@Tohkong Mosjid   
 We work overtime without extra pay.

We are neglecting our families to attend to others.

We have to be clean, stay clean and appear to be clean every seconds.

We will be scolded like dogs if we happen to make one mistake – there’s not really a chance for us to explain anything.

Because of one wrong word, we are slapped and being threaten to be sacked.

We can't take medical leave even when we are sick. We still need to crawl to work even though we are sick.

When we are being harassed by others, we are not being protected, instead we are being labelled as idiots because we are being investigated. He even chided us as stupid when we are being framed by authorities controlled by his old company.

No one comes to help when we are assaulted while doing our assignments. Our family too was harassed when we were maliciously accused of some evil acts that we didn't do.

We are worse than slaves.

When some of our subordinates leave the company for better offers from his old company, he blames it on our mismanagement even though sometimes he knows that it was a form of sabotage from his old company.

If it is not because of a "promise", we would have change our jobs by now. Why should we put our family and ourselves through this hell life?

We cared about our boss company’s future, but does our boss really care about us? We are working around the clock to make sure the company is profitable despite unfriendly business environment, yet our boss keeps comparing us with his old company and said we are not up to par.

He did not show any appreciation to our sacrifices at all. All the good things that we have done, he treats it like nothing because to him, that's what he is hiring us for. One simple mistake or word, he'll keep on pinning on it like there's no tomorrow -- even though you tried your best to correct your mistakes, he'll still keeps pinning on them without mercy.

He forgets we are just ordinary humans, we need encouragement too. He should stop treating us like a genius who knows everything since birth. We are not, we need to learn and cope. We make mistakes like others, but please give us enough time to grieve and rise back on our feet again.

We need mistakes to know that is wrong to do things a particular way. Encouragement and proper appreciation is what we asked for, is that so hard to get from our boss?

Our boss is a very demanding man. He treats us like a saint. He started this company because his previous company was a total disaster. Due to his own naivety, his old company’s employees no longer listened to him and kicked him out after his employees managed to take control of the board directors.

Being left disappointed and full of vengeance, he started a new one to rival his old company, and hired us to do what his previous company can't.

He expects us to be perfect. He expects us to know how to run everything like his ex-employees. He expects all of us to be incorruptible. He wants us to feel indebted because we are given a job.

We are given the task to take over the market share of his previous company of 50 years in 5 years. He did not give us any flexibility. Every mistake seems to be punishable by death. If we ask for help, he will insult us for not being competent.

He said he took a very high risk by hiring us as we have yet to prove ourselves to be as capable as his previous company's employees. But he did nothing to help the company – he just only knows how to whine when things are not going well.

He just wants to have his 3 meals a day intact. He wants to make sure his family’s future is secured. But, he is unwilling to sacrifice his time to make his company better. He is expecting us to achieve the miracles without bothering his and his family’s future. He forgets that we can do so much more with his support and not his nagging.

Oh yeah, ssshhhh, let me tell you a secret about our boss. His name is "Rakyat Malaysia".

Dear Fellow Rakyat Malaysian,

We have to start comparing PR and BN to a common denominator. Subconsciously, we are comparing Pakatan Rakyat to a saint, and Barisan Nasional to a devil. This has to stop, because this is outrageously unfair.

When PR and BN makes the same mistake, often we feel more disappointed with PR rather than BN. To us, for BN to make those mistakes is rather common, after all we do not call them devils for nothing. But sadly towards
PR, we feel disgusted of the same mistake because to us, a saint can’t do no wrong.

PR has been fighting very hard for us for the last 19 months. Yes, there were some unhappy moments, we have had some very happy ones too. Even friendship has their ups and downs, right? Why must we keep focusing on those unhappy moments while conveniently forgetting about those happy ones? Or are we saying that PR is our friend only when they are making us happy? And they are forever our enemy because they make us sad even for once?

We have to stop giving pressure to PR, they have more than enough pressure to deal with BN’s constant attacks. PR has no one to ask for help, besides us. The police, MACC, judiciary, SPRM and corrupted civil servants are all treating PR as enemies. We are their only friends. If we turn our back from PR now, they will be eaten alive by BN sooner than we thought.

With the strong backing from us, BN will have a harder time to alienate PR. Our support is the only protecting shield PR has. We can’t remove this shield from them until we can make sure there’s an even playing field out there for them to compete with BN. We are the one single-handedly created this uneven field with our blind support to BN for 50 years. PR has sacrificed a lot for us, and now when they are down, it is our turn to back them up.

Yes, PR is our employee, but more importantly PR is also our only friend and ally against the evil regime BN. We can help to shield PR from constant harassment by giving more and more support instead of threatening them that we’ll return to BN. That’s what a good boss and a good friend will do in the time of need. But are we mature enough to do so?


Li Fook Gao@Tohkong Mosjid can be reached at


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